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Hotel Name

1100 North Ave
New York, NY

(888) 123-1234

Paul Smith
209 West Chester Ave
San Francisco, CA
[email protected]

Invoice # 101138
Date January 18, 2018
Amount Due $230.68
Date Description Charges Quantity Price
-01/17/2018 Guest Room $189.00 1 $189.00
-01/17/2018 Parking - Valet $19.00 1 $19.00
-01/17/2018 Occupancy Tax - 12.0% $22.68 1 $22.68
Total $230.68
Paid $230.68
Balance $0.00


For your convenience, we have prepared this zero-balance folio indicating a $0 balance on your account. Please be advised that any charges not reflected on this folio will be charged to the credit card on file with the hotel. While this folio reflects a $0 balance, your credit card may not be charged until after your departure. You are ultimately responsible for paying all of your folio charges in full.

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